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What is an ASO?     What is a PEO?     What is outsourcing and what are the advantages?     How are you different from my currnet broker?     What factors determine my WC premium?     I am a contractor; what can you do to lower my WC premium?     How do I recover my password?     How do I report an error?     I have received an audit notice for my WC policy; why?
What is an ASO?
ASO (Administrative Services Outsourcing) is an outsourcing solution that goes beyond competitive workers' compensation coverage and payroll.  An employer receives the maximum benefits of using this outsourced product. ASOs "bundle" various services to provide a professional service level that an employer may not be able to achieve on their own. A company of 50 employees can rarely hire an HR Manager, Payroll Processor and Safety Administrator. Using an ASO allows a company to benefit from many services as a shared/proportional cost.  For more information, click here.
What is a PEO?
PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is an outsourced product designed to maximize an employer's benefits of using it. Contrasting an ASO product, companies utilizing the services of a PEO are entering a co-employment relationship. The PEO generally takes responsibility over employee HR administration and compliance. Benefits of a PEO are similar to those of an ASO where the employer receives increased services and assistance in administrative functions.  For more information, click here.
What is outsourcing and what are the advantages?
Outsourcing is subcontracting a process, such as payroll processing or human resources management, to a third-party company.  Some of the advantages of outsourcing with MartinoWest's BOSS division include:

  • Reducing your company's risk exposure to changes in the insurance economy or laws of payroll processing
  • Streamlining your administrative operations which allows you to concentrate on your core business
  • Allowing a professional to perform tasks in a more efficient and cost-reducing fashion

How are you different from my currnet broker?
We provide you with a personalized and unique style of customer service that common brokers usually cannot provide.  One size does not fit all. We want to find you the right coverage with a good price but on top of that, we will help you manage your finances to pay for your insurance.
What factors determine my WC premium?
As with any insurance, usage is the number one factor in determining your WC premium. The industry, type of work performed and your experience rating are also key factors. We have programs designed to assist you in maintaining safety in the work area, reducing risk and reporting claims effectively to ensure cost effectiveness.
I am a contractor; what can you do to lower my WC premium?
MartinoWest Business & Insurance Solutions has the ability to shop multiple markets to ensure appropriate coverage for your risk as well as ensure that the rates are competitive. We have experience with servicing insurance needs with proper coverage at competitive rates.

To learn more about what we can do for you, submit your information here.
How do I recover my password?
Inside the login box, there is a phrase "Forgot Password?" that you can select to begin the process of resetting your password.  You will be required to have your User ID and the answers to your security questions.  Upon entering the correct information, you will have the opportunity to change your password.  You will be logged in automatically and your new password will take effect immediately.  If you are still having difficulty, please contact your ASO representative for assistance.
How do I report an error?
We are always looking for ways to grow!  If you have a concern with our services or the website, please contact us with one of the three following options:

  1. Fill out our Customer Feedback for on the Contact Us page. Click here.
  2. Email your concerns to
  3. Call us with your concerns at 844.333.2005.
I have received an audit notice for my WC policy; why?
As workers compensation policies are projected by the company, there runs a risk that an error may occur during the reporting cycle. Employees may be misclassified into the wrong class code or payroll for an employee may be missed. For this reason, at the end of each policy period, a complete audit is done to ensure accuracy. You will receive an audit notice from your WC carrier who will outline the specific documents and reports you are expected to have available during the audit.
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